A few tips to make fabric painting fun and easy:

Once your painting is completed allow to dry. Set the paint by ironing for three minutes on the reverse side. Paint is now cured and will not wash out.

Use paint in its pure form. Do not dilute with water.

Keep a container of water handy to wash your brush. Squeeze excess water from brush using a cloth or paper towel.

To protect surface always place fabric on newspaper.

Scratching on the fabric with the back of your brush while the paint is still wet can create interesting patterns.

To shade or blend, paint lighter colour first, and while still wet, shade over with darker colour.

To create paler shades – any colour added to reducer will become lighter.
i.e adding a small amount of red to reducer will create pink.

Using a piece of foam when painting your background will give a more even finish. Simply dip foam into paint and apply to fabric, or gently wipe foam over painted background while still wet.

The colour illustration is only a suggestion and colours can be changed to suit your d├ęcor.