Creating Magic In Special Places

Give children at schools, orphanages, hospitals, HIV AIDS homes, clinics, etc, and the elderly in homes, the chance to enjoy the Magic of doing something that will make them feel proud, wanted and special. Magic Moments has developed a program that gives groups of black people the opportunity to paint designs, receive painting lessons, and be able to sell their artwork and receive some funding for themselves to take home to their families. Magic Moments provides a written summary and photo catalogue of each painting session, so that sponsoring companies are able to witness and enjoy the activities and see the benefit they have brought to these individuals within needy communities.

Sponsorships of R 5000.00 to R 20 000.00 are very welcome.

Sponsoring companies may include contribution to this special cause in their BEE Scorecard assessment (under socio-economic development, where up to 25 points are available).
Looking forward to hearing from you, and to making you part of the Magic we are helping to share.

For sponsorship inquiries please contact us:

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    Photos: 1000 Hills Community Helpers in Drummond, KZN