Our History

Magic Moments fabric painting company celebrated its 18 th year in business in 2017, and is recognized for its quality and exciting designs, paint and accessories. Zelda (Owner/Manager) is an accomplished artist, and pours this passion into creating unique products and designs for their many customers from all over the world.
Magic Moments attributes its success to the team’s dedication to providing innovative, high quality, unique products and accessories, and having a direct customer focus. The team facilitate painting lessons to groups of people, school children etc, and through Socio-Economic Development projects are able provide products and teaching to HIV/AIDS homes, orphanages, schools, etc.
Magic Moments has won awards and prizes at shows/exhibitions for quality and presentation.
Magic Moments is a leading company in the exciting world of fabric painting.

Outlets & Distributors

Magic Moments
Cell: 083 2656 655
Head Office is in Everton, Kwazulu Natal, and distributes their products to the public, and online orders are for their website, from 9 Pearson Road, Everton/Gillits. Some of our products are also available from the following distributors:

CSI Projects

CSI Projects Magic Moments, through Socio-Economic Development projects is able to provide painting lessons into AIDS homes. The opportunity to the painter is in that it provides therapeutic and related benefits, as well as an earning opportunity for the person and HIV/AIDS home. Magic Moments is able to provide similar painting sessions to orphanages, schools, etc.